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THIS ORIGINAL Cabin was built by Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lemmon on 80 acres he purchased in Hagerman in 1902. Lemmon paid $1,200 for the 80 from D. E. Smith who had homesteaded it, but had not cleared the land. Lemmon later built the brick house he now lives in
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FIRST PROFESSIONAL picture taken on the now famed Balanced rock near Castle ford is this one, exposed in 1908 by C. E. Bisbee, pioneer Twin Falls Photographer. The men standing at the base are unidentified. This picture, it is noted, was taken long before
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BUHL was only a community a year or so old when this picture was taken by pioneer photographer C. E. Bisbee. Heading the list of community boosters at the time was the Buhl Pioneer, a newspaper with plant shown at the left. The slogan, according to the si
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SCHOOL WAGONS were the latest thing in student transportation when the drivers pulled them in line for this photograph at Good ling. Seven wagons are shown in the picture, each pulled by a team of two horses. The conveyances were wide open on nice days b

Mr. Ed. Vogel of Buhl, Idaho sends us the Centennial edition of
the ‘Times News’ giving many pictures of early Idaho. We
thought you would be interested in some of the pictures so we are
giving a few in this issue and may give more in future issues.

These pictures are taken from the News Paper and will not be
very plain but it is the best we can do. Elmer

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