I'll Never Forget

| September/October 1969

Box 216, Rt. 1, Federal St.,Belchertown, Massachusetts 01007

I'd just like to make a few comments on the results of the parade as best I can. The week before found me breaking my neck to get everything in top shape for the two and one half mile run; repainting, fixing and testing.

Doris Dickinson, a reporter for the Holyoke Transcript and Springfield Daily News came down to write the fine story which I have sent along. She spent a lot of her own time on research for the project and surely gave us a lot of recognition.

The day before the parade we had arrangements made to move the steam roller to the Clark Farm which was the starting point of the parade. As I had to work until 3, my two friends, Ray Murphy and Ray Wright came over to fire up the boiler. When I came home Bob Nutting had his low bed backed up to a ramp which he made for loading. With Ray Murphy at the throttle, he took a turn around the yard and put that ten ton monster on the low bed as easy as you park your car. Ray Wright and Bob chained her down for the five mile ride to Granby, with the help of Highway Superintendent Mike Sabin and his assistant, Sam White. My Dad and I followed the truck in my car while Wright and Murphy were on the steam roller, waving to all. To my surprise, it brought out the young and the old, with disbelief at what they saw going by. In the northeast, steam equipment is very scarce and has not been seen by the younger generation.

When we arrived at our destination, a nice little crowd was on hand to see us and ask questions. Mike Sabin got on one of his bucket loaders and made a ramp in short order. Bob Nutting, who I think can drive that trailer through a tea shop, had little trouble backing up into a very tight spot. Then Engineer, Ray Murphy, who still keeps up his old steam roller operator's license, took her off and parked her for the night.

Ray Wright and myself worked into the early morning hours on a few leaks around one of the injectors. Next morning, we were up early so we could build up the pressure and do some last minute oiling and cleaning.