| July/August 1958

Otterbein, Indiana

On a drizzily April Sunday afternoon and evening 130 members and guests of the Illiana Steam and Hobby Club met to pop off the winter's steam at the Pine Village School which is near the Illinois line. For the many who had not seen each other all winter, the meeting was a glad reunion. Everyone was happy to see Jim Roberts, wife and daughter, of McClean, I11., and Donald Ostermeier and Elvin Fishburn of Biffalo, I11., near Springfield. After admiring each other's hobbies during the afternoon a bountiful supper was served by the Methodist Church in the school dining room.

Music was provided by three teen girls. Dr. A. C. Shuman, Lafayette, amazed everyone with his magic tricks. For those who cared to stay more steam movies were shown by Lloyd Frazier, Otterbein.

At the business meeting in the afternoon, the following officers were elected: President, Leonard Mann, Otterbein; Vice-President, Carter Dalton, Ambia; Sec.-Treas., Glenn J. Brutus, Pine Village.

Steam articles exhibited were: a model Nichols & Shepard engine and model mill engine one-fifth in. scale, by Carter Dalton, Ambia; in model locomotive will get up to 100 lb. of steam and pull 7 adults by Otto Klutzke, Lafayette; model stationary engine by Ezra Coats, Templeton; contractor's blue print for 110 Case used in 1912 by Glenn Brutus, Pine Village; 5 chime home-made steam whistle, Rex Johnson, Terre Haute; Cretor pop corn engine and a model upright, Leonard Mann, Otterbein; model water pump, Charles Dilden, Dayton, Ind.; 2 model steam engines, Charles Jakes, Lafayette.

On exhibition featured three models of different types of covered bridges with photographs and pictures of covered bridges taken all over the U. S. and Canada by Dr. and Mrs. George Gould, Lafayette. They also showed an interesting collection of buttons featuring insects.