| May/June 1963

Otterbein, Ind.

The Illiana Steam and Hobby Club donated their work, time and efforts September 14, 15, and 16 to help at the Home Hospital Fair at the Tippe-canoe County Fairgrounds, Lafayette, Indiana.

This year $15,785 was cleared which will be used for equipment for the Pediatric Unit. Last year the $ 15,396 cleared was all used for equipment for the Emergency Unit.

The Country Fair was one for the whole family with no carnival, no admission fee and no parking fee.

Although the steam engine part of the Fair did not bring in too much money, it provided the atmosphere and was both historical and educational.

The steam engines were all busy doing something all the time. The Baker engine belonging to Merlin Warwick, Dayton, Ind. pulled the grinder. The Undermounted A very of Glen J. Brutus, Pine Village, worked the Prony brake of Otto Klutzke, Lafayette, Ind. Together Fred Paul and Monte Thacker of Frankfort using a P C & P Road Locomotive gave rides to children.