Illinois Show Grows

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Dean Cole operates his 20 HP Minneapolis engine on the B-4
Minneapolis corn shelter at the Douglas County show.

The Douglas County Historical Steam Festival located two miles
West of Arcola, Illinois once again saw considerable growth during
the 1982 July show. The show/festival which centers around the 1873
historical Jacob R. Moore home is uniqueit is held in a natural
farm setting and one gets a feeling of stepping back in time.
Exhibitors from all walks of life and from many different states
congregated to contribute to the reputation of quality and action
that the show has achieved in the past five years.

Men, women and children toured the many rooms of the historical
home and enjoyed the many mid victorian furnishings that are to be
found in the rooms and hallways of this grand old home. Questions
were answered by the hostesses who occupied the many rooms and who
also dedicated their time to make the tour an interesting and
educational experience.

The late Wilbur Jolley and late Eddy Trummel operate the scale
65 HP Case owned by Russel Helm. These two men will be missed by
all at the Arcola Illinois show this summer.

Once back out on the grounds the view was filled with huge draft
horses giving wagon rides, plowing in the fields, and just simply
occupying the large animal tent which also constrained mules and a
petting zoo for the children. Children also enjoyed the free model
steam train rides, goat wagon rides, cedar shingles, and the
picking up of potatoes to take home after they had been freshly
plowed from the earth. Sawmilling was as big a hit as ever with the
1889 Gaar Scott double-bladed sawmill sawing hard maple and oak
logs that weighed two tons each. The gas engine and gas tractor
display was bigger than ever with a newly restored limestone
crusher giving the tractors a real workout. Delicious hot meals
were served by the Arcola Lions Club and serving began at 7 A.M.,
just in time for breakfast. Homemade ice cream was served by the
Lakefork Christian Church and it sure hit the spot as many
spectators sampled cold dishes under the coolness of the many big
shade trees.

Bill Schumate adjusts the levers for depth on the 1915 automatic
lift John Deere eight bottom traction plow while Joe Rittenhouse
and Major Bragg stand ready on the big 30/60 Aultman Taylor

Many new model steam engines were at the show this year and
were, needless to say, a welcome addition. The big steam engines
were well-represented with threshing, plowing, sawmilling,
demanding every HP they could muster. A new addition this year was
a 1912 Reeves six bottom hand-lift traction plow from the state of
Kansas which complimented the 1915 eight-bottom John Deere
automatic lift traction plow already on the showground’s. A
steam car from Indiana was a very interesting addition as well as a
modern van powered by a wood burner. A new one-half scale Ann Arbor
baler, a model Reeves, Gaar Scott and a Case engine were shown and
were masterpieces to say the least. The antique and arts and crafts
show was much bigger during the 1982 show, but the quality was not
sacrificed. Large crowds were delighted to see the quality pieces
which were offered daily for sale.

Clifford Williams and John Hadden weigh down the moldboards on
the 1912 Reeves six-bottom hand lift traction plow while Lori
Johnson relays the performance of the plow to her father/engineer,
Bob Johnson and Russ Cade on the big 25/85 HP Nichols Shepard.

The show has grown rapidly thanks to the many supporters and you
the public. An even bigger show is being planned for July 15, 16
and 17, 1983. New additions to the home, horse equipment, model
exhibits and antique exhibits will fill your day with relaxation
and enjoyment whether you are making your first visit or your

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