I'm Looking!

| July/August 1991

12870 Wilkes Road Yale, Michigan 48097

I'm a first time writer to IMA. I enjoy it very much and have learned a great deal from it, especially since no one in my family has owned a steam engine.

The first time I remember seeing one was at the Centennial Parade in my hometown of Yale, Michigan in 1962. It was a 19 HP Port Huron with a canopy and a cab on it. I was only eight years old then, and thought it was really neat that someday I would like to get one just like it!

Well, that was a long time ago, and I still don't have the real thing. But I'm looking!

In the meantime, I have built a half-size replica of a Port Huron completed in 1989. It is made from an old oil barrel and a hot water tank, along with a bunch of other parts I gathered up. It's powered by an 8 HP Kohler engine with a lawnmower transmission and rear end enclosed inside the barrel.

My model has an old original Pickering governor on it that I bought from a flea market. It has two whistles and a steam pressure gauge that work on air. The flywheel and cylinder also work when it's running. I've taken it to some of the engine shows, and my son and I have really had a lot of fun with it. My son T.J. is at the wheel in the picture above.