In Memory of Karl A. Kepner

| January/February 1958

  • MR. Karl A. Kepner

  • MR. Karl A. Kepner

MR. KARL A. KEPNER, OUR EDITOR AND BUSINESS Manager, passed away to his Eternal reward September 15th, 1957 in his 54th year. For more than ten years he had been crippled with a broken back, the result of a tree falling on him. For some five years he has been working on the ALBUM.

Karl was one of the finest men we have ever known. He was greatly respected in the community where he lived all of his life. He was Treasurer of Juniata County, Pennsylvania, at the time of his death. His was one of the largest funerals ever held in this section. Flowers were in abundance. All paying tribute to his worth.

It was a joy to visit with him. If you had the blues when you went to see him you were cheered and lifted up when you came away. He made friends readily. Hundreds of you folks have received letters from him and know his spirit.

He was honest, even in the minute details of the ALBUM work. You folks never got 'short changed' knowingly by Karl. Often we would say, 'Forget about it'. He said 'No' and made it good.

We will miss his kindly spirit. The ALBUM gained much by his labors. He injected something into it we can not explain. It is much better because of him.

Let us add this He was a Christian who knew and trusted God. He was Sunday School Superintendent at the time his accident occurred. And now he is with Him he loved so much.