| March/April 1977

Courtesy of Steven R. Benham, Department of Geology, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185.

I have been a subscriber to Iron Men Album for several years now and thoroughly enjoy the magazine. I just recently purchased this 50 HP T.M. Nagle stationary steam engine made in Erie, PA., during the early 1920's (photos enclosed for better look, showing size and original owner), and would like to know if any of the readers could give me any information on the company that made the engine. This engine has a 10' x 16' cylinder, a Gardner #3 governor (made in Quincy, Ill.), and 60' x 14' and 37' x 10' flywheels. Were instruction manuals ever published, and did the company have any advertising literature for the engines it made? Also, what were the dates that the company was in operation for the production of stationary steam engine?

Thank you for any information you can supply.