Informative Letter

| July/August 1970

1511 Iglehart Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55104 Dear Anna Mae,

The letter from Emil Kopac of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, appearing on pages 20 and 21 of the March-April 1970 Album is interesting to me, because I fired a 12 hp. Stillwater Giant for my uncle when I was a small boy. You mention you 'don't quite understand it all.'

The Minnesota Thresher Manufacturing Company was organized in 1876 at Stillwater, Minn. They built Minnesota Chief, hand feed, gear-driven threshers which they sold with Dingee-Woodbury and Pitts horse powers.

Later, as steam began replacing the' horsepower, they began building two different types of farm engines along with a stationary engine for use in plants and mills. Of the farm type, one was the 'Minnesota Giant' built with a cylindrical or tube type boiler. It was a return flue, built something like the return flue Minneapolis or Avery which was to come later.

The other engine, the Stillwater, was different in the one respect in that it was built with a fire-box boiler.

The engines, mounted on these different boilers, were identical. They were equipped with the Gardner governor, reverse, friction clutch and drum brake.