| July/August 1969

  • Irene

  • Irene

Because of the fact, I'm on vacation, this will be very short. I thought I had all angles figured out and that this week would be free for me to clean out the dirt at home. I guess the best laid plans fail.

Anyhow, the printer called that he needed all the copy in if we wanted the magazine by the first of June. Quite a few classified and show ads had come in since I left work on Friday, Mr. Ritzman called me on the phone and ask me if I could help him out. So I slowed my speed and left the floor unscrubbed and went to work. I know many of you want the magazine early so you can plan what shows you will be able to attend.

If any of you want your show ads in the September-October issue I advise you to get them in by the deadline of July 7 or you may be disappointed.

Since we have quite a lot of news and show business this issue, I'll just say so long to all you dear hearts and gentle people and hope I can write a longer column next issue.