Iron Man Of The Month

| January/February 1968



Not always is ye Iron Man merely the 'local yokel' who ekes out his life's span from birth to death 'down on the farm'. Sometimes he is very much the man of the world, soldier of fortune (sometimes misfortune), fighting battles on foreign soil and going from job to job but always with that perennial love of steam surging through his veins.

'The only mark I've made in life is a question mark,' muses Frank McGuffin, Thresherman-Diplomat from over Washington, D.C. - way, the man with a true Scot's wit in whatever story true or false he might be telling.

'I won two Liar's Contests with my 'threshing watermelons',' chortles Frank 'And yet it was the only true story told at these contests.

'In fact everyone I ever told that story to, about threshing watermelons, ended up calling me a liar even Rev. Elmer Ritzman, who wouldn't dare call me a liar because he is a preacher, summed it all up by saying, 'Frank, you make it sound so true I almost have to believe it in spite of myself.'

It was the kind of story that Frank McGuffin, once caught up in the tail-wind of human reaction and suspicion, wound up perusing the congressional archives and records and writing for verification to reputable seed houses for additional confirmation that watermelons had indeed been threshed thus preserving his honesty and integrity as the best of story tellers without dulling the edge of his Scotch wit.