Iron Man of The Month

| January/February 1976

Box 44, Paragon, Indiana 46166

I am sending an article for the 'IRON MAN ALBUM' which I hope you can publish. This article is about my dad, L. E. Walker, who is quite a steam engine fan and never misses a chance to talk about engines, work on them, or drive for miles to see one.

He is quite active in the Rushville show and also takes his engines to the Tipton 'Elwood' show. They usually take them right from Rushville to Tipton.

He is 75 years old, and has lived at Morgantown and community close by all of his life. He was a former after he gave up the sawmill and threshing rings in the middle thirties, but never gave up his love for the two as it was always a hobby with him. Now that he is retired, he spends most of his time 'playing' with his engines and sawmill.

Like to talk about steam? Just go anytime to the farm north of Morgantown, Indiana, R.R. #1, where Lawrence E. Walker and his wife, Helen, live. Before you leave you will be talking of steam engines, looking at his pictures of engines he has owned in the past, and steam shows he has attended. Then, you will have to go out to the shed to see his engines. He now has two. An 80 HP Case, serial no. 35824, and an Advance Rumely, 22 hp, serial no. 14440, which have been restored to their original beauty. Next you will have to go to the sawmill he has built and look it over.

He does most of his sawing himself and has electrified most everything so he can handle it. He only does custom sawing now. Of course, he uses the steam engine for power -just to hear it purr and puff.