Farm Collector


Daily News Feature Writer and Radio’s ‘Joe’s

A grease-crumpled engineer’s cap, a well-chewed, burned-out
cigar, a determined look and a horny-hand with a stub-finger on the
throttle it couldn’t be anyone else but Iron Man Percy Sherman
that’s making that 10-horse Frick engine do her stuff.

Whether it’s putting: a wrench to the big sawmill at
Wauseon, pulling the old-time threshermen’s dinner past the
grandstand in the big parade, plowing a hard jag of ground at Ft.
Wayne. or climbing the difficult side of the incline it’s all
the same to Iron Man ‘Perce’ Sherman who’s always in
the thick of things doin’ ’round a midwest
threshermen’s reunion. For, indeed, it just wouldn’t seem
like an old-time threshing reunion without ‘Sherm’ from up
Palmyra-way punctuating his solemn duties as master engineer or
head-sawyer (whatever the occasion may be) with just the proper
tincture of clowning calculated to fetch a laugh or two.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1966
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