Iron Man Of The Month

| March/April 1972



CHOO, CHOO, CHOO, CHOOOO. . . .! 'Look, Mirandy I'll be dad-burned if there ain't a train a-comin' right up the middle o' the road and with no railroad track to run on,' yelled Si, jumping off o' his seat on the old grain binder and racing to the house to get the 'Missus'.

'Lordy I ain't seen no such sights since we picked up cousin Emmie, down at the village depot,' sighed Mirandy. 'I only hope it doesn't scare ol'  Topsy 'n Ted to run off afore you get the wheat bundled.'

It's always a big day when Roscoe Shiverdecker fires up his big steam locomotive and sets out, down a country road, to do some routine steaming of neighborhood tobacco bedsor to drive his fiery steed over to the Great Darke County Steam Threshers Reunion, at Greenville, Ohio.

Besides being the most important hero to all the kids along the way who wave at the heroic engineer, as he steams by with bell clanging and whistle wailing Roscoe Shiverdecker enjoys other marginal benefits from having a steam 'road' locomotive to do his chores of steamin' 'bacco beds throughout western Ohio.

'I can go thirty to thirty-five miles an hour up the road to whatever job I'm working at,' says Roscoe. 'And when I drive it to the Darke County Steam Threshers, I don't have to bother with loading and unloading it on a low-boy.'