| November/December 1964

  • Lemo's tail, the lion became his friend'
    After Clint Bloom had twitched Lemo's tail, the lion became his friend, and the two are shown in the next picture getting along nicely together. The old circus lion seemed to recognize some kin in the threshermen's clown, After all. This was the last time

  • Lemo's tail, the lion became his friend'

Clint Bloom, Clown of the Threshermen's Reunion Has Packed Up His Bag of Tricks and Fun and Moved On.

Dayton Daily News Writer and WDRK Daily Feature Joe's Journal.

When the circus clown packs up his bag and heads 'west' there's no one left to make folks laugh when the 'Big Top' comes to town.

And, like the circus clown whose mission it was to lighten the burdens of the human race, but now has gone to another place, so the 'Clown of the Threshermen's Reunion', Clint Bloom, has packed up his bag of tricks and fun and boarded the last train for 'Steam Engine Heaven'.

It was a sad note, when threshing reunion enthusiasts read the little notice of Clint Bloom's passing in a recent issue of The Iron-Men Album. And threshing reunions gay and memorable events that they are just won't be the same anymore for his going.

Clint Bloom was an inveterate clown. Had he followed the sawdust trail under the Big-Top instead of the straw-pile and the bark of the smokestack and wail of the steam engine whistle Clint Bloom might well have entertained thousands of both young and old, making them laugh at seemingly endless stream of gimmicks and pranks which he always was pulling out of that old trunk of his in the boot of his old car.