Iron Man Of The Month


| November/December 1966

Union city, Indiana.

The tiny, green-boilered Case Engine chuffs to a stop, bringing its 'train' of coaster wagons and assorted odd-lot of farm rigging to a grinding halt.

'Now ladies 'n gentlemen we have here................', booms out the giant voice from the parade microphone at the N.T.A. Sunday grandstand parade. 'And now do you have a whistle?'

A slight duchy figure with nearsighted glasses and sauerkraut moustache pauses to light his corncob pipe, then wipes his greasy paws on overalls and reaches for the whistle cord to give two mighty yanks to the grandstand crowds while a giant German Shepherd pants approval from the fireman's seat.

A jerk on the tiny throttle sends the whole kit and caboodle on its way and the big parade grinds on.

It was none other than 'Kilowat' Cecil Klopfer and his 'fireman' Queenie heading their strange menagerie of farm rigging a fitting replacement to the once-famous brothers Bloom the late Clint and Furman who always lent a generous flavoring of Rube Goldberg slap-stick to the big National Threshermen's afternoon parade.'