It Was A Super Bee In '73

| January/February 1974

Butterfield Advocate, Butterfield, Minnesota 56120

MORE STEAM for the 1973 show! This time it was a Locomobile Steam Car brought to the show by Ed Sundholm of Albert City, la. The car, an 1899 model, was hand restored two years ago. Parts had to be hand tooled because they're obviously no longer available. Sundholm, who drove the quiet steamer around the grounds, impressed the crowd with its immaculate restoration. But he never wandered too far from water. The car gets 1 mile per gallon of water. Courtesy of Bill Paulson, Butterfield Advocate, Butterfield, Minnesota 56120

It's true. As the 7th Butterfield Steam & Gas Engine Show rolled to a stop Sunday evening nobody who worked at or visited Voss Park during the weekend could deny it was a super show. And those who have been to all seven will tell you it was easily the best.

Saturday, when overcast skies and a gentle breeze swept Voss Park, had to have produced the finest crowd in show history. Sunday, when the sky was clear and the sun burned down on the park, another record-breaking throng attended, making this the best attended show in history.

Crowd estimates run anywhere from 25,000 to 30,000 with somewhere in between probably close to the real count. In the parking lots the attendants Sunday were faced with a steady stream of cars coming and going so that the lots never were completely filled, but then cars kept coming after the machinery parade at 2:30, and this has never happened before.

A first tally of gate receipts indicates they will probably top the 1971 show which had taken in the previous high. But that's just a count of the men who paid to get in, and parking attendants said there were many more cars filled with families than in previous years. Concession stands, too, reported receipts above previous highs.