It's Like Magic, Antique Engines

| January/February 1994

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  • # Picture 01

9043 N. 70th St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53223

It's like magic! The visual image of long ago. The memories dance in a row in my head. 'PfouffPfouff Pfouff'! Can you hear the steam engines? 'Pfouff'! The throttling governors? The intermittent sounds of the hit and miss?

The sounds echo of the past, the Spirit of Inventions. A time of coming together.

A wonderful experience happened in the summer of 1991. A chance to go to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, for the Old Threshers Reunion. The images still dance in my mind's eye. The rows and rows of steam engines. Tractors, more than I could count. Section after section of engines of every type. Pure excitement. Volumes of energy arise and flow throughout the grounds. You see it on everyone's face. Such fun! Such excitement! What a thrill to be a witness to the whirl of a busy day at an engine show.

But the story doesn't start here. It started a long time ago, before Mt. Pleasant.

To help pass the time during a long recovery period following serious surgery, my father bought tubes of colorful paints for me. I had always been creative, but I never dreamed that I had the gift of painting. My dad . not only bought me one tube of paint, he bought several tubes, in fact, sets of paints! I can hear him now, 'Come on, Honey, paint'! I really did not want to. I would try and the acrylic paints would dry and become hard. But Dad was insistent with his gentle persuasion not to give up.