J. I. Case Collectors Association Formed

| September/October 1986

204 East Melbourne Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

A new organization open to all persons who are interested 'in the restoration, preservation and historical background' of machines and related items bearing the name of Jerome Increase Case and his companies recently was incorporated in Ohio and is seeking members worldwide.

Officially named the 'J.I. Case Collectors Association, Inc.,' the not-for-profit group was formed following an organizational meeting held at the Darke County Steam Threshers Association show in Greenville, Ohio, last year.

The group honors the memory and the heritage of J.I. Case, who was one America's foremost inventors and producers of farm engines and machinery during the last half of the 19th Century.

According to the association's bylaws, principal purposes of the new organization are to foster the 'exchange of information and materials' and to provide 'opportunities for recreation and education for individuals...with an interest in equipment and other matters associated with J.I. Case companies.'

Case steam traction engines, gasoline tractors and machinery were featured at Darke County's 1985 event; and several of that show's organizers are charter officers of the new J.I. Case group. They are: D.A. Nealeigh, president; Bruce E. Davis, treasurer; and John W. Davis, secretary. The board of directors includes Clarence E. Christian, Jr., David T. Erb (who serves as editor of 'Old Abe's News,' the Association's newsletter), and Helen Case Brigham (a great-granddaughter of J. I. Case).