| May/June 1990

Rt. 1, Box 8, Blanchard, Iowa 51630.

Restoration on this Case 110, owned jointly by Dave Fie and Kevin Anderson, was completed in 1985. An interesting note: the 110's front wheels (53') are identical to the little 9's drivers. This machine equipped with optional cab and extension rims.

The J.I. Case Collectors Association Summer Convention at Madison, South Dakota saw both the biggest as well as the smallest of Case machinery on the parade grounds at Prairie Village. The largest Case gas traction engine was the 40-72. Very few are known to be in existence. The tractor featured a bore and stroke of 7' X 8' at 750 RPM, for 1230 cubic inches.

The largest existing Case steam traction engine is the huge 110 HP. Eighteen are believed to be in collections around the country. The drivers are 84' high and 36' wide. With a dry boiler, the Case 110 weighed over 34,000 lbs.

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