| May/June 1973

Forest Grove Trailer Park, Ontario, New York 14519.

(Story written by Mr. Dan Parks of Iowa State University and we thank the newsletter folks of The Pioneer Engine Bugle for letting us use it.)

(continued from March-April issue)

Next, Charles S. Brantingham became general manager and partner. They then purchased the Geiser Manufacturing Company, Reeves and Company and the Gas Traction Company. Later they bought the Osborne line from International Harvester.

In 1914, Ralph Emerson died. Following his death, the company kept getting in worse financial shape until in 1928, when Leon R. Clausen, the new Case president, purchased Emerson-Brantingham.

In 1928, the name was changed to the J. I. Case Company, with plants and offices in Racine, Dixon and Rock-ford.