| March/April 1990

Co-Chairman, Communications International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation 204 East Melbourne Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

A three-day happening, which will probably live in the memories of the participants organizers, exhibitors and attendees for as long as they live, ushered Jerome Increase Case into the National Agricultural Hall of Fame on October 20-22,1989.

It was the culmination of an effort by the International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation and the J. I. Case Company working in cooperation with the Ag-Hall of Fame that had its genesis with a quietly offered suggestion by L. Don Kabrey of Overland Park, Kansas, during the first Case Heritage Expo in the spring of 1987 at Pawnee, Oklahoma. At Expo #1, he said maybe the time was overdue for J. I. Case to be nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame.

'The Ag-Hall of Fame? Where's that? I didn't know there was one,' some replied.

'Bonner Springs, Kansas, and Deere and McCormick are already in there,' Don replied. 'Old J. I. deserves to be there with them.' All who heard him agreed, and there was work to be done.'

Especially responsive on behalf of the then-new Case Heritage Foundation was Secretary-Treasurer Helen Case Brigham, a great-granddaughter of J. I. Case, who visited the Ag-Hall of Fame a few months later and prepared a detailed portfolio in support of her great-granddad's nomination.