'Johnson's Pot Luck Roundup'

| November/December 1957

  • Photo of a group
    Here is the group that met July 6th, 1957 at the Gilmar Johnson's home in a Pot Luck Roundup and Meet the Editor's Wife Reunion. Gil-mar and Alice stopped everything except Jerkin the Jerseys to entertain this group. It was lots of fun and the Editor's wi

  • Photo of a group

Frederic, Wisconsin

(Meet the Editor's Wife Reunion), July 6th, 1957

IN THE PICTURE (some-where in this issue) are some 'ALBUM Readers' (98%) with a lot of steam in the background. Included in the group are-Hardy Lind-blad, Frederic, Wis.; Harry Schachts, Eau Claire, Wis.; Chas. Mell, Harris, Minn.; Carl Wolfe, Rush City, Minn.; John Ericksons, Minneapolis 18, Minn.; Arthur J. Holmes, St. Paul, Minn.; Dan Boothe, East Ellsworth, Wis.; Earlene and Elmer Ritzman, Enola, Pa., (Honor Guests) ; Harry Fallstroms, Falum, Wis.; H. M. Jones and H. B. McAllister, Little Falls, Minn.; Orrin and Nyle Kurth, Chip-pewa Falls, Wis.; Irene Steiner, Red Wing, Minn.; Art W. Beer, Hudson, Wis.; Geo. T. Teverty, St. Paul, Minn.; Myron Gleiter, Cochrane, Wis.; Wm. Herpst and Harold Churchill, Elmwood, Wis.; Gene Roggeman, 4430 Newton Ave., North, Minneapolis, Minn.; J. M. Hansen, Luck, Wis.; Darward Stienmetz, La Forge, Wis.: Art Meisners, Stillwater, Minn.; Bob Lockman, Anoks, Minn.; and the Barnes Boys, Siren, Wis.

Crowds come bigger but not better!

The Gilmar Johnson's most heartily thank all who turned up and donated to the 'Pot Luck Editor's Day'.