| July/August 1977

R. D. #3, Rockwood, Pennsylvania 15557

Every year a band of old timers and a growing number of younger members gather in the little town of New Centerville, Pennsylvania in Somerset County to present how farming was in days gone by. It is a living picture of history. Thousands flock to see the old steam engines, threshing machines and items used more than fifty years ago. For the older generation, it brings back memories of childhood days gone by. To the younger generation, it is a picture out of a history book. This year The Farmers and Threshers Jubilee celebrates its 25th Birthday.

In 1952 Charley Cramer made a dream come true of a steam show in the town of New Centerville. A few years before the Jubilee, he also started The New Centerville Fire Company. So the Jubilee was sponsored by the fire department. The Jubilee was first held in a field on the outskirts of town. The concession stands were under a large tent. This went on for a few years. In 1958 a Museum Building was built where the Jubilee presently is held to house equipment, concessions and to display museum pieces during the Jubilee. As years went by, the more steam engines came, as well as threshers to make the Jubilee what it is today.

The Jubilee is noted for home styled meals and for the concessions in the Museum Building.

In 1968 Charley Cramer died, but he left the Jubilee in good hands. We encourage hobbiests to bring their models. The Silver Anniversary will be held September 8, 9, 10, 1977. We hope to see you there. Exit 10 off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 8 miles off Somerset on Route 281.