| July/August 1954

Just a few lines. I don't have much time, you see I just received my ALBUM today and I simply must get on with my reading. 'Causa sufficitne'.

Now for some, what I hope you take to be, constructive criticism.

Two issues back you ran an article giving the history on the complete Nichols & Shepard line. It was really an excellent piece of work, very interesting and I liked it very much. I sincerely hope you will continue to print such articles on all old companies and their engines and threshers, Reeves, Port Huron, Avery, Case and all the others. Not only would it be interesting reading, but worth-while and valuable information. Here is hoping. You notice I place Reeves at the head of the list. I own a dirty, crumby old 20 simple double you may have seen at Pontiac last September. Not much to look at I'll admit, but I feel about her as the Dutchman feels about his fat daughter, 'Das girl for looks is not much aberiss hell for strong.' I do hope to some day have her restored to her prist line beauty.

Thanks again Rev. Elmer, for a grand job well done. With every best wish for you and your,