| September/October 1955

Inventor, 234 North State Street, Mondovi, Wisconsin

Some time ago you asked for a story about the Huber on rubber tires that appeared in the ALBUM, along with our Rev. Haugland. Well, the story isn't so good. It was just too heavy for the truck, so I got a 16 hp. Minneapolis from Ray Ernst of Wayland, Iowa.

I put the Huber back on its steel wheels and put the truck chassis under the Minneapolis and it is a howling success. The pictures pretty well tell the story.

The chassis is in a three-ton Diamond T with a 2-speed Eaton axle and a four-speed Warner T 9 transmission. To assist in shifting, I removed the reverse gear and the shifting fork, as I have a reverseable engine; thus, it has eight speeds forward; deep low, about like it was on steel; and high-high, takes it about 40 m.p.h. with the engine at 250 r.p.m.

We have it steamed up every Saturday and have a lot of fun. We don't need a prony brake, a Baker fan, or an incline to make it snort. In high gear, it goes forward 14 feet at each puff, and the stack is close to the engineer, so for the fellow who likes to hear 'em snort, this is the real 'McCoy'.