| January/February 1968

  • Nicholson Brothers Rig
    Courtesy of G. M. (Milford) Nicholson, 003 North 8th Ave., Hill City, Kansas 67642. This is the Nicholson Brothers Rig, threshing bundles, 8 miles northwest of Hill City before we started stack threshing in 1915.
    G. M. (Milford) Nicholson

  • Nicholson Brothers Rig

603 North

I am an old steam engineer 73 years young and have been interested in steam all my life. I came to Graham Co. in 1902, from Nuckles Co. Nebraska with my folks.

I ran my first engine in 1912, a 10 H.P. Minneapolis pulling a 6 hole corn shelter for my brother, Clint.

I was 18 when I began and in 1913, we hired out to a man by the name of Lou Dailey, picking up a few jobs over the country as this was a poor year and not much wheat. This was an Advance 18 H.P. engine and Aultman-Taylor 32 separator.

Then we began to get the bug to own an outfit. In 1914 there was a good crop all over the county and we bought a new rig of our own. This was a 20 H.P. Gaar Scott double cylinder and a 36-60 Rumley Separator.

We were out 3 Falls with this rig 1914 -1915 -1916. In 1917 was a poor year and we left our rig in the shed, and I hired out to a man by name, Art Wray. We made a short run, finished by mid-October. He had a 25 H.P. Case engine. On October 31, I married my neighbor girl, Phila Spelman and we built a house on the farm I had bought in 1915. Our families were neighbors for 10 years-had grown up together-always went to the old time parties, church and Sunday school. We have two daughters, two fine sons-in-law and 6 grand grand children. Will be planning to celebrate our 50 years together this Fall.