KECK-GONNERMAN Steel Pea and Bean Huller

| November/December 1989

  • Steel Pea

  • Steel Pea

464 South 5th St. Sebewaing, Michigan 48759

Caption for this picture from an old catalog reads: 'The above cut represents the left hand side of our 36 x 48 Steel Pea and Bean Huller showing how it is belted and with a Banting Feeder and Gearless Wind Stacker attached.

The Keck Gonnerman Bean & Pea thrashers came into our area about 1936, and, within a few years, there were more Kecks thrashing beans than any other make. What a nice machine it was to runI've had three of them.

Starting about 1944 there were a lot of the bean machines, not only Kecks, but Hubers, Birdwells, Avery grain machines, and McCormick Deering grain machines changed over to what we called 'pickup beaners.' They picked up the beans right from the windrows in the fields.

Keck Gonnerman shipped the machines to a man named Martin at Bad Axe, Michigan. He converted them to be pickup beaners, and they were called Keck Gonnerman Martin Specials.

So, a few years later after Keck Gonnerman quit building beaners, Martin built the complete beaner at Bad Axe, Michigan. But, as time moved on, the big self-propelled combines took over and Martin quit building the Keck Gonnerman Martin Special beaner.