Keep Smiling!!

| September/October 1990

RR #3 Valley Center, Kansas 67147

Do you want to know why all the people pictured have a smile on their face? One sure way to find out is to do just as the banner waving over Main Street says. Come to .Valley Center, Kansas over the Labor Day weekend and be welcomed to Valley Center, welcomed to Terning's Steam and Gas Engine Show and be welcomed to a show that will keep you smiling with all the exhibits, activities, crafts, and special people who assist us with the show.

If you want to know anything at all about any of the exhibits all one has to do is to ask your questions. People are more than eager to share information about their exhibits.

Instead of making a lengthy report of each and every event and piece of equipment at the show, I decided to use photos which were taken by Lee Burd of Canton, South Dakota. Lee is the official show photographer; believe me when I say Lee has a photo of everything and everyone at the show. I have many volumes of scrapbooks to prove it! She is the reason one must keep smiling, because one never knows where she will appear next. Thanks a million, Lee!

You all have a great summer attending shows and we would like to offer you some Kansas Hospitality, so see you Labor Day Weekend!