Kitten Engine Comes Back Home

| January/February 1991

Rt. 2, Box 5, Slaton. TX 79364-9501

This article which appeared in The Ferdinand News, Ferdinand, Indiana, May 17, 1990, is reprinted with permission. It was sent to us by Jerry Kitten, Rt. 2, Box 6, Slaton, TX 79364-9501.

Kitten engine number 214 has come back to Ferdinand and is now owned by Francis Lindauer. This is the only Kitten engine in the Ferdinand area at this time, and will be used in the Sesquicentennial celebration in July.

Each engine was hand-built and numbered as was this engine number 214.

Built by the Ferdinand Machine Works, Florenz Kitten, owner, in 1923 with 25 horsepower engine and 28 horsepower boiler.

Frank Arnold of Mariah Hill purchased the engine on March 30 1925 from the manufacturer. Frank and his sons had two Kitten engines, threshing machines and saw mills that they operated for many years. When steam generated power was retired in favor of gasoline engines, Arnold began to use gas-powered tractors to thresh and in 1947 he sold the engine to Henry Humphrey at Osgood, Indiana.