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Hi Ladies!

Spring has certainly let us know it has arrived, here today. It
is in the middle 80’s.

We’ve been very fortunate that the warmer weather hasn’t
arrived earlier. The teacher as well as the children just can’t
seem to get much accomplished in hot weather. Only 13 days to go.
Thank goodness says both the instructor and students!

This is a wonderful time of the year though. Isn’t it?

It keeps one stepping to do all the out of door chores now along
with our other activities. But it is rewarding to get ones hands
soiled with OLD MOTHER EARTH and see its results.

We had a delightful trip to Atlantic City last Sat and Sunday
which relaxes us.

Elmer was invited to replace the Supreme Tall Cedar Chaplain for
the church service Sunday morning. It was held in the Traymore
Hotel. The Rev. Mr. Ezra Parks, who is also minister of Camp
Curtain Methodist church in Harrisburg, ask my Hubby to do the
honors for him. He had to return back to his own church on Sunday
because of an Anniversary celebration. We spent Saturday with him,
his wife and daughter, Alice Ann reviewing the parade on the
Boardwalk in the afternoon and reception at Convention Hall in the
evening. After this program they started for home. We stayed until
Sunday afternoon.

We had reserved seats for both occasions thanks to our fine

Added inspiration was given to the worship service by a group of
singing Cedars from Washington, D. C. They sang Acapella except for
that beautiful hymn, ‘God of our Fathers’. Three Trumpeters
played their parts to the song. It simply was beautiful. The
Almighty can come to one in such moments if we will just allow

It was most rewarding to have the fellowship of such fine people
and see the enthusiasm they share with each other about their
National Project.

You know they are the sponsors of the Muscular dystraphy

They had as their guests for the three days six boys who were
patients on wheel chairs, victims of the disease. Their ages ranges
from 9 to 19. Nurses and doctors accompanied them here from the
Hospital. Their expressions of pleasure on their faces when the
sights were pleasing to them could not help but touch ones soul.
How fortunate we are when we have our health.

Thank heavens we have men as these who care about others.

We will be looking forward to seeing you real soon. Thanks for
notes and card during my illness.

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