Last Huber goes to Smithsonian

| September/October 1973

  • Huber steam tractor
    Mrs. A. F. Brandt, Route 1, Bainbridge, Pennsylvania 17502, stands beside the Huber steam tractor which the Brandt family, in cooperation with the grandsons of the manufacturer, has donated to the Smithsonian Institution. The giant piece of equipment, the
    A. F. Brandt

  • Huber steam tractor

Cover, Photo and Article Courtesy of Sunday News, Lancaster, Pa.

The well known Huber steam engine owned by the A. F. Brandy family, Route 1, Bainbridge, Pennsylvania has left Lancaster County for good.

However, now thousands of people will be able to view the piece of equipment in its new home in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

According to Mrs. Brandt, the 12-ton engine will be located in the first floor exhibit of the Smithsonian's new Agriculture Department just off Pennsylvania Avenue.

Built in 1921, the engine was the last manufactured by the Huber Manufacturing Company, Marion, Ohio. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Huber was known to be the largest manufacturer of threshing machines and tractors in the United States and was known around the world. Today the firm still manufactures large construction equipment.

The 18 horsepower, return flue engine is in excellent condition. It was explained that the Huber is unique in that most engines have the smokestack in the front. This model has it in the back, reversing the heat and making it more economical on fuel.