Last of the Thresher Manufacturers?

| September/October 1980

  • Steam engines

  • Steam engines

Stock and equipment of a Canadian company, believed to be the last active threshing manufacturer, is being liquidated and we are asking readers for information to help round out its story.

The brand name of the thresher was 'Lion,' but it was more commonly known later as the 'Mildmay.'

John E. Schmidt, president of Lobsinger Brothers, Ltd., Mildmay, Ontario, told us the story in response to our inquiry. The firm ran a classified ad telling of the sale of the 100-year-old building and items in it.

The origins of the 'Lion' or 'Mildmay' are unknown, Schmidt said. He regrets that he started to investigate the history after all the old timers were gone. Municipal records for the early years seem to have disappeared.

Schmidt's letter is so interesting we quote from it in full:

'Records indicate that in 1881 the partnership of Spitzig and Herggott were engaged in manufacturing and a few years later the Herrgott Bros. Company was formed, which manufactured threshers and cider mill equipment, and also repaired steam engines. I understand the Herrgotts were in business for about 75 years and made only a few machines a year, with 10 machines being their top production for a year.

perry turnbull
4/5/2018 6:38:45 PM

I currently have my Fathers Lion Thresher which I help threasing with, I also have the sale bill from June 23 1949 when my father bought it from Lobsinger Bros Mildmay Ontario, the sale bill is signed by Clayton Lobsinger him self! Would like to sell! Please contact Perry Turnbull 705`730`3445