| July/August 1959

This engine was the latest model manufactured by Case and was new and used around Kingsley, Iowa until 1935. When Ed Johnson, Cretor, Iowa bought it and used it in his threshing run around Cretor, Iowa. Johnson had three different threshing rigs but he told me he liked this one best. He pulled a large Minneapolis separator and 12 bundle team were used in shock threshing.

This engine was used around ten years in Cretor community where Ed Johnson sold it to a man by the name of Starkweather who was connection with the Boyden, Iowa Creamery where this engine was used as a stars by boiler in the creamery.

Stark weather planned to run the engine under steam from Johnson farm to Boyden, Iowa, a distance of around 20 to 35 miles, but engine developed injector trouble so that plan was abandoned and two trucks were used, one pulling and one pushing the engine.

Niel Miller, of Alden, Iowa, having bought this engine had it loaded June 25, 1958 near the Boyden Iowa Creamery on a low boy belonging to Hiller Gager, Orange City, Iowa and Geo. Dieheven of Boyden used his truck tractor to move the outfit to near Alden, Iowa, a distance of around 175 miles.

George Dieheven had an oil-truck transport and general trucking business at Boyden and he left 4:10 a. m. June 26, 1958 with Wm. Gayer as a passenger of Rock Valley, Iowa and arrived at Miller farm Alden, Iowa about 10:00 a.m. The outfit was loaded 13 feet high and 9 feet wide and the engine weighed 11 tons and at Peterson, Iowa a railroad underpass was too low so he backed up and went on a Government Binside trail near the underpass and got around that obstacle that way. George arrived at Boyden, Iowa around 4:00 p. m., same day.