Let's Keep 'Em Puffing

| May/June 1971

7650 Banks St. Justice, Illinois 60458

Many times, I am asked, 'What's the, horsepower of my boiler?' I want to tell them, I don't know, and really I don't know. I ran my first rig in 1932, a boy of 12 years old. Since then I have seen steam power used for just about everything except flying of airplanes and to run submarines, and it is possible they could do that. I've seen them grade roads, pull tumble bug scrapers large enough to make a D8 cat grunt and strain. I've seen 22 hp. steam rigs crush stone as fast as dump trucks could haul it up and dump it in the hopper. In 1955 I saw a 16 hp. steam rig pump water 24 hrs. each day, 6 days a week for 7 weeks. The 75 hp. electric motor was sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. I have studied the situation for many years and haven't got a correct answer. A well known maker of engineering specialties came up with the following rules for calculating the horsepower of various kinds of boilers. These rules are intended for use in determining the proper size injectors and feed pumps etc.


Horizontal Tubular = Dia2 x Length 5

Vertical Tubular = Dia2 x Height 4

Flue Boilers = Dia x Length 3