| January/February 1958

IS IT A 6 OR 10 HP.

We have word form a good authority that the Advance engine pictured on page 6 of THE IRON-MEN ALBUM Nov.-Dec. 1957, is either a 6 or 10 hp. Advance never made an 8 hp. As I remember the engine's size I would say it is a 6 hp. One of the nicest engines you ever looked at. Very well kept. Elmer.


I spent several years threshing in western Texas and knowing how I loved it, my son-in-law had the ALBUM sent to me and I sure enjoy it.

I run one of the very first threshing machines that was used in that section of Hale County which is 80 miles south of Amarilla. We covered a 40 mile radius the first season running 14 months, which should be a record. The first machine was a 21 Advance and a 32x54 separator. This engine was very easy to fire and I have run 10 hours on 1,000 pounds of 'good coal'. We later got a new Case 65 and I really loved that engine. We still used the 32 Case separator, but the Advance separator was the best I ever run from the standpoint of getting all the grain. The Case was best of all for sorghums grains. We three' ed wheat, oats, maize, kaffir cane, flax and millet. At that time there was money in threshing, but the country was soon overrun with outfits.

We once took our outfit 125 miles cross country into New Mexico to thresh for the homesteaders. It was quite an experience as one of us had to always walk behind to keep watch for fire.

I saw the plains from cow pasture days to a well developed and rich farming country. Could tell a lot of our work in the west. We hulled 126 bushel of alfalfa seed in one day. I also remember threshing 3300 bushels of wheat on the L. A. Knight ranch. They had 3000 acres in wheat.

B. V. FRUIN, Star Route, Mason, Michigan