| July/August 1961


For the first time in several years the big Avery 40 purchased by Louis David in Nebraska in 1952 will be in operation at the NTA Reunion in Montpelier, June 22 to 24. It has recently been bought by John Edris of Michigan City, Indiana, and Don Schwenk of LaPorte, Indiana.

Mrs. L. W. Blaker, secretary


As one of your interested readers I note in your copy of March-April, 1961, on page 32, a picture of a Thermoil single cylinder oil engine.

If memory serves me right I saw my first and only one of these engines at Cook, Minnesota in 1917, when a farmer named Mr. Klintman bought one to grind feed for his stock. Also if I recall correctly, the Thermoil engine at that time was sold and serviced by Sears, Roebuck & Co. of Chicago.

O. M. JOHNSON, 1450 Callecita St. San Jose, California


I am an old thresherman, born in Minnesota and went west in my younger days. I started to cut bands when I was 11 years old when band feeding was done. At the age of 12, I started to fire straw on a Minnesota Chief engine called the Giant engine. It was hard work for me! We started to thresh at sunrise and threshed until after sunset. I fired that engine for four years and at that time there was an old chief engineer that could not line up the engine to the separator so he had me do his job. So about that time I got hold of the throttle and steering wheel and the next year I got the job to run that engine.