| July/August 1961


May I offer some information in reply to Mr. William Ree's letter in your May-June issue. According to Mr. R. B. Gray, in his excellent book 'Development of the Agricultural Tractor in the United States', the Van Duzen tractor was built in 1894. It was similar to the Froelich (1892), in fact, the Froelich was powered by a Van Duzen gasoline engine.

The first Hart Parr was built in 1902 and in 1906 they were the first to use the word 'tractor' instead of the longer term 'gasoline traction engine'.

Mr. Gray's book is a wonderful source of information on tractors. It covers their entire development from the beginning up to 1950.

THOMAS KEMPLING, Box 700, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


Model steam engines and separators and old gas engines heralded in the coming of spring at a meeting of the Illiana Steam and Hobby Club at Pine Village, Indiana, Sunday afternoon, April 30th. The old timers were glad to welcome Clyde Johnson and Gene Philips of Valparaiso with their gas engines.

One of the largest displays was an exhibit by the Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Tippecanoe featuring guns used in the battle and arrowheads. Three people in the dress of 1811 were there to explain the articles. Among the other exhibits were a large collection of cross-stitched aprons made by Mrs. Wilbur Collins of Pontiac, Illinois. Also shown were quilts, afghans, stamps, whittling, leather work, paintings, and ceramics, featuring mugs with a snapshot fired on of a Case 40 hp and Leonard Mann, Ernest Cox and Merlin Warwick standing by.