Farm Collector


6633 N. Drake Avenue, Lincolnwood 45, Illinois

Now that I’ve been a reader of your fine Iron Men Album for
a year, I must write to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your
publication and how I’ve been converted to a steam engine
enthusiast. Guess I’ve missed an awful lot! Am now looking
forward to attending my first reunions and steam meets in

For half of my 44 years I’ve been a steam locomotive fan,
specializing in the Heisler geared locos for the lumbering and
logging industry they were built in Erie, Penna. (my former home)
and I have most of the records of the old company which went out of
business in 1941.

I grew up in Peoria, Illinois, and as a school boy in the mid
1920’s used to visit my grandparents in Averyville (Now called
simply the ‘north side of Peoria’) and watch Avery tractors
and threshers being loaded onto Rock Island flat cars. Never had a
chance to see any of the equipment in operation, though.

In the Jan. Feb. issue of The Album a statement is made that
Boston and New Orleans are probably the only remaining cities where
the old Hurdy Gurdy may be seen on the streets. Well, as recently
as three years ago there was one on North Clark Street here in
Chicago about a mile from the Loop and, believe it or not, operated
by a woman! On Wednesday evenings while on my way to services at
the Moody Church, I used to see the thing chained to a lamp post
like a bicycle while the owner was visiting her favorite tavern! I
haven’t passed that way for a couple of years now.

Once again, I appreciate all of the good effort you put into the
Album each month. It’s not only the homespun philosophy that
makes it enjoyable; it is the occasional and appropriate reference,
to the Gospel and to our gracious Lord who has provided such a
bountiful harvest for His people to reap in this land of plenty. I
hope to be able to meet you in person sometime.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1963
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