| March/April 1964

Roy Mitchell writes ..........

Am enclosing a reprint of my old engine and sawmill. The original picture I will always keep but thought you might like a copy for the Iron-Men Album. This picture was taken in 1904 (I was 14 at the time - that is me on the engine) in the heart of the Ozarks about 14 miles from Springfield, Mo. The engine is a 16 HP Gaar Scott and was about 6 years old at that time and was always kept in the best of order. Right at the back of the engine was a spring which ran through the sawdust pit so no sawdust to shovel back.

The last time I saw this engine was in 1919 and it was still going strong - they were threshing with it. I used to thresh some each year. I have had the Gaar Scott in some bad places, have had to ford rivers where bridges unsafe, drove into the water with full head of steam, 125 pounds pressure and out on other side with no fire and perhaps 50 pounds of steam but the engine would never fail me.

I would love to see this engine again if it is still in existence. I have been through that part of the country several times but have not run into anyone who knows where or what ever happened to it.

I hear from some of the old Engine Men and will write to anyone who cares to write to me. There is one man in Ohio whose letters I especially look forward to, he sent me a picture of his engine and I am sending him one like the enclosed. He has been quite ill but I hope to hear soon that he is up and going again. Thanks a lot and keep the Iron-Men coming.

Roy C. Mitchell, 3500- 8th Ave., Council Bluffs, la.

Edmund Absalom writes . . . . . . .

No. 1 I was at the Mansfield, Ohio, meet in 1960, and was watching this outfit coming up the slope. I was ready to move out of the way, when it started to make a sharp left turn. I had a camera, and snapped this picture just as the separator started to swing. As I look and see the engineer watching ahead, with one hand winding the wheel and the other on the throttle, it seems I can still hear that engine working.