| March/April 1964

  • Steam Locomotive
    See Mr. Benn's Letter.
    Henry Benn Ord
  • 16-30 Oil Pull Tractor
    Picture taken in 1955 of my 16-30 Oil Pull Tractor with my boy, Earl, proudly leaning on the fine tractor. It was new in 1920. I am now the 2nd owner of it and it is in good shape with the original paint.
    H. E. Backemeyer Tolono

  • Steam Locomotive
  • 16-30 Oil Pull Tractor

Henry Benn writes ..........

The Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Articulated Mallet is the most beautiful and useful locomotive the world has ever seen.

This locomotive was given to the National Railroad Museum by E. R. Harriman, Chairman, and A. F. Stoddard, President, of the Union Pacific Railroad. On July 8, 1961, Vice-President E. H. Bailey, presented this locomotive to the National Railroad Museum at the formal opening of the Museum.

The 4017 was accepted for the Museum by H. E. Fuller, Chairman.

This locomotive is one of the 25 built in 1941 and 1942, termed Big Boys.

They are the largest steam locomotive ever built.

The Big Boys represent the supreme achievement of the age of steam. This locomotive operated from 1942 to 1949, over a million miles between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wy. and Ogden, Utah.