| May/June 1962


The steam traction engine shown on Page 28 in the Iron- Men Album of Jan.-Feb. 1962, and owned by Mr. Les Holloway, is made by Geo. White & Sons Co., Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada.

I have two pictures of that make of traction engine of the year 1914. Two different models of that year, what I call the early model and the late model of that year.

The early model 1914, 20-24hp has, a tapered smoke stack, while the later 1914 model, 25-30hp, has a funnel type smoke stack, like the smoke stack shown in Jan-Feb., 1962.

The front wheel on the two models are ordinary spoke type, flat spokes, where front wheel spoking on Page 28 is different, like the rear wheel spoking. The rear wheel spoking is the same on all three models.

The engine frame on the later 1914 model is a little different on the early 1914 model, also on the later 1914, but the double brace that holds up the engine frame and the little box that looks square and is perhaps the oiler on the top of cylinder toward the smokestack is all the same as shown on the steam engine on page 28.

All three pictures show the I beam frame under fire-box, including the picture on page 28. I do not know the year of the steam traction engine shown on page 28, but it looks like a new model after the year of 1914, as the front wheels are made differently than on the 1914 models.