| September/October 1958


Harry W. Hinson, of Grafton, Illinois, has this to say about the picture at the bottom of page 9, July-August 1958 issue of the ALBUM in which the engine is labeled a Huber. Harry says:

'I feel the name 'Huber' on the engine is wrong. I believe it should be Minneapolis. I never saw a picture of a Huber engine with round spokes in the ground wheels, or a boiler with a straight barrel. Also Huber had outside steam pipe'.

Our fault. I think the Huber was the only return flue traction in the East. That helped us to say Huber. However, we should have caught the straight barrel and the dome sticking way out front. Thanks, Harry.



We have met so many young people who are interested in steam or gas engines that we have a feeling we would like to start a page in the ALBUM for all under twenty years of age.

If you are under twenty years of age or if your son or daughter is under that age and have some hobby (not necessarily engines) have them write to Uncle Elmer and we shall publish them. A picture of you and your Hobby product would make it all the better. We are inviting you.