| September/October 1968

Courtesy of LaRoy Caldwell, R. R. 6,

Connersville, Indiana 47331 While looking through some of my Uncle Luther Caldwell's old letters, I came upon one he had written to the American Threshermen in 1927 and apparently had not mailed. I want to keep the original but have made an exact copy for you as I think it would make interesting reading for the readers of the ALBUM.

Rushville, Indiana, March 31, 1927 Dear Uncle Silas,

Editor of The American Threshermen Madison, Wis.

I am writing to you to tell you about some threshing that was recently done in Rush County. I thought it would make some interesting reading in the coloms of the Thresherman and that you would be glad to publish it.

On December 17 & 18 after a spell of dry and freezing weather Wyett Bell threshed 235 bu. of wheat out of shock on the Frank Capp farm.

This wheat sold for 65 cts. pr. bu.