| September/October 1968

Santa Fe Steam Locomotive

The Steam Locomotive came of age in 1925 when Lima brought out the 153 ton ''Berkshire'' super heater, Welded flues W. P. 300 lbs. Walschaert Valve Gear; it made for a new breed of locomotive power. A bit later a further improvement was the Timpkin roller

Hollis Cortetyou

Courtesy of LaRoy Caldwell, R. R. 6,

Connersville, Indiana 47331 While looking through some of my Uncle Luther Caldwell's old letters, I came upon one he had written to the American Threshermen in 1927 and apparently had not mailed. I want to keep the original but have made an exact copy for you as I think it would make interesting reading for the readers of the ALBUM.

Rushville, Indiana, March 31, 1927 Dear Uncle Silas,

Editor of The American Threshermen Madison, Wis.

I am writing to you to tell you about some threshing that was recently done in Rush County. I thought it would make some interesting reading in the coloms of the Thresherman and that you would be glad to publish it.

On December 17 & 18 after a spell of dry and freezing weather Wyett Bell threshed 235 bu. of wheat out of shock on the Frank Capp farm.

This wheat sold for 65 cts. pr. bu.