| January/February 1956


Mr. B. B. Brown of 943 Dutton Ave., San Leandra, Calif., sends us this sad word:

On May 10th, 1955, Mr. E. Hudson, who for many years owned and operated the Hudson Machinery and Supply Co., of Decatur, III., passed away at his home in Long Beach, Calif. He was about 72 years old.

Mr. Brown says of him, 'A wonderful and most generous gentleman.'


One nice morning in October my wife and I left Fulton and drove to Huntington, Indiana, to visit the Plasterers. We found them busy making sorghum molasses. They have a very nice outfit for this business. They boil the sorghum by steam and at the time we visited them they were using their Kitten Traction engine for this purpose. Mr. William Plasterer told us his father used to be in this business, then William took over and now his son Eiffel helps him.

Eiffel's wife brought the baby out to the mill in the afternoon and Eiffel said 'This is the fourth generation of Pleasterers making sorghum.' They have quite a lot of machinery; two Kitten engines, Case traction engine, Huber traction engine, a threshing machine, a tractor and other machinery. Eiffel has a nice collection of steam whistles.

GEORGE O. EVANS, Fulton, Michigan