| January/February 1957


I want to tell you how much I enjoy your ALBUM, also the good pictures. I am a M.K.T. RR Machinist here at Warden Shop, Waco, Texas. I served my apprenticeship in the good old steam days.

I belong to several of the steam hobby clubs and found out about the IRON-MEN ALBUM in this way. 1 spent part of my vacation last year in Northern Minnesota and while riding the bus, I noticed a man sitting across the aisle reading a locomotive manual. Of course I was interested and asked if he was a railroad man. I found out he worked for the Canadian National Railway as a superintendent and machinist and as the conversation continued I found still another railroad man who joined the conversation and he introduced me to your magazine. This was John H. Seeling of La Cross, Wisconsin, and I had a very pleasant trip with steam and engines being the main conversation. He sent in my name and I have enjoyed reading it ever since. Years ago we had many steam engines around Waco, but the second World War claimed most of them for scrap. I sure wish I had one. My hobby is collecting steam locomotive builder dates. This is the plate on which you find the builders date. There are various shapes and also tell where the locomotive was built.

J. O. JOHNSON, 2805 Proctor Avenue, Waco, Texas


I have been laying off writing you, but I think your magazine is great. So keep it coming. I am an old steam engine lover, 44 years of age.

I started firing when I was seven years old. My uncle ran a 20 hp. Case for the county-grader and rock crusher. I would have more fun on that engine than playing with the other children.

I was running them for the state when I was 16, mostly rollers. When I was around 19, I bought an old traction engine, 15 hp. Case. It came out in 1908. Gearing was bad and they would say you are going to get killed with that engine but I threshed some with it, did a lot of sawing, and also steamed tobacco beds with it. Guess I would still have it but when the war broke out they had scrap drives and there was a good engine fellow who was going to junk a 20hp. Case, which came out in 1918 with fuel bunkers and jacket, so I bought it and let my old one go in its place.