| January/February 1959

  • Shepard engine
    Harry G. Yates, 29-70 double cylinder Nichols and Shepard engine and 36x56 N & S Thresher with Garden City wing feeder, backing into the shed after a hard season's work. It was the year 1922. Taken at Madelia, Minnesota, where he was born and did all his
    Harry G. Yates

  • Shepard engine



Here is a thoughtful lady. She is interested in her husband, his welfare and pleasure. Let's follow her suggestion!  AUNT LENE

Dear Editor;

My husband has taken the ALBUM for many years. He's a great steam engine fan. In fact he has grown up with them, his Dad always had an engine and separator and a saw mill, that was his living.

When my husband grew up he took up where his Dad left off. He has owned several steam engines, a threshing outfit and I don't know how many saw mill. He is sick now from a heart attack in 1955 and is indoors most of the time.

I'd like for anyone who wants to, to write him letters and tell him of your experiences and if you have any pictures of any of your machinery and can spare one he would enjoy that very much. Let's see how many nice letters he will get. Write to