| January/February 1960

  • 20-70 Nichols & Shepard engine
    20-70 Nichols & Shepard engine I used for threshing and various other work in southern Minnesota, being manned or womaned by the fair sex. The young lady on the left was a very efficient engineer and the daughter of an engineer. Taken in 1923. See Mr.. Ya
  • Steam cooled engine
    This is still my pride and joy. It is that old 'Hercules Kerosene Port'. Anyways if it isn't a. steam engine, it is steam cooled. The steam cooled engine coupled with open c.c., and M & B ignition, were to form a strange innovation that was to l
  • Dump Wagon
    I thought some of your readers might enjoy this picture of a 'Dump Wagon', the doors of which, there are two are drop, they are down due to the great amount of iron on them. This is, to my knowledge, the last one in this area.

  • 20-70 Nichols & Shepard engine
  • Steam cooled engine
  • Dump Wagon


I spent 15 years at running an engine in Southern Minnesota, threshing corn shelling, sawmilling and any other work an engine could do. After selling out in the year 1925 I had not touched a throttle in all those years until one year ago I had a wonderful opportunity to once again stand on the deck and handle a throttle for three delightful days due to a man who shipped one of the old engines to my town and asked me to help him during three parades which he took part in. I found it was just as natural to pull that throttle again

after over 30 years as though it were only yesterday since I had stepped off the deck. There is no thrill like the feel of power surging through those iron lungs to an old engineer as the old steam engine obeys the hand of her master.

Am enclosing a picture of my 20-70 Nichols & Shepard engine just finishing a job of threshing in 1923. What has become of all the threshers in the state of Minnesota? Seldom see any letters from any of you. Get out your pencils and drop me a line about what threshing is like there now. I have been gone for 19 years and things have changed in that time. Keep the ALBUM coming. I am looking for the next issue already.

HARRY YATES 3775 Herman Avenue, San Diego 4, California


Although I'm only 14 years old, I have been interested in steam engines for years. My father and grand-father were both steam threshermen. My grandfather threshed first with a 16 hp. Nichols & Shepard, then a 22 hp. Avery Undermounted, then a 22 hp. Minneapolis compound. My father ran the Minneapolis engine 7 years until they started threshing with a tractor. My family and I usually go to a steam engine Reunion every year. We have been going to the Mississippi Valley Old Time Threshers Reunion for the past few years.

Enclosed is a picture of a small Jensen engine that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago belted to a small model of a Baker Fan that I built from my Erector Set.


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