| July/August 1959

  • Townsend Tractor
    Townsend Tractor owned by Henry Matz & Son, Walters, Minnesota, as described in his letter.
    Henry Matz & Son

  • Townsend Tractor


I just finished reading the ALBUM this morning. I for one certainly disagree with LeRoy Blaker. He said the Marsh is slow moving. The valve travels 2 inches while the Case valve travels 2 inches. He also said the exhaust release is slow, resulting in a dragged-out sound. Seems to me as if he has never heard an Advance or Advance Rumely exhaust under load.

Mr. Blaker compared a traction engine with a locomotive. I see no point in having a 'hook up' on a traction engine. The governor was installed to control the speed. Who ever saw a governor on a locomotive? I do agree with him that a choked nozzle smothers the exhaust sound.

I believe he must have put his Case beside a sick Advance Rumely plowing. If I recall correctly the Case Company set their 22-65 engines to carry 160 lbs. pressure. Anyone that carries more pressure than the company recommends should have their head examined.

I cannot see how a valve seat on any engine with a hook up will wear even. There is one other thing I wonder about, how long LeRoy can keep his water up and a full head of steam with a Case under a full load?

I believe I have read LeRoy is a personal friend of yours, Mr Ritzman, but it makes me angry to have someone run down what I personally think is one of the best valve gears put on an engine.

I am sure you will not publish this, but since my pop valve has reseated itself, I have a picture of a 20-65 Jumbo engine No. 2280, that I worked on for a year. i showed it this year at the Missouri Antique Threshers & Settlers Show. The stack, high drive wheels, head tank and clutch amazed the spectators most.