| July/August 1962

56 YEARS AGO, FEB. 15, 1906

Marriott's record on a Stanley Steamer of a mile in 28 1 - 5 seconds is the fastest mile ever covered by any means in the world.

The best mile records are:

Railroad, 30 seconds; Charley Murphy on a bicycle behind a train, 59 seconds; bicycle, paced, 1 minute 6 1-5 seconds; Salvators, the running horse, 1 minutes, 35 seconds; Dan Patch, pacing, 1.55, trotting, 1.58; ice yacht, 2 minutes, 18 seconds; ocean steamer, 2.30; skating, 2.36; running, 4.15 3-5; rowing, 5.27; walking, 6.23; swimming, 24.36 1-5.

'Fortunately the hostility of the rural population toward the automobile is sensibly declining in certain sections of the country, and may in time die out everywhere.'

Enclosed is my renewal for your good magazine. Like the sap rising in the trees and the groundhog coming out of his hole, at this time of year all the steam fans begin to stir with plans.

Leonard J. Mann, Ottenbein, Ind.